Business Overview

A ghost tour business takes customers on tour of their city that focuses on alleged haunted areas and local ghost stories. It's a great community business as it builds interest and excitement in the city by getting customers to look at everything around them in a whole new way.

Who is this business right for?

This business is ideal for people who are already very familiar with local lore, including ghost stories. It's also good for those who have previously researched occult studies, as they will be able to discuss ghosts and hauntings in a more authoritative way. Finally, it's great for storytellers: part of these tours is not simply explaining what happened, but making customers feel like the tour guide is bringing the past to life.

What happens during a typical day at a ghost tour business?

On the actual ghost tours, you will spend one or two hours at a time walking groups of customers through the city, stopping in key areas and explaining the special connection these areas have with ghosts. When you are not conducting the actual tours, most of your time will be taken up by advertising and communicating (with city officials as necessary and prospective customers). You may also network with related businesses to help promote one another's work.

What is the target market?

While you will have customers of all stripes, your target market is likely couples between the ages of 28 to 38. This is a group that is settling (or already settled) into the city for their foreseeable future and would like to either learn more about the city or to simply look at it through new eyes. If you are in an area that experiences lots of natural tourism, the tourists most interested in the ghost tours are likely to skew a bit younger (between 21-26).

How does a ghost tour business make money?

A ghost tours business makes money by charging a fixed fee for a one or two hour tour of the city. That fee is typically per person (though you may consider offering group rates).

What is the growth potential for a ghost tour business?

The growth potential for this business is modest. In 2012, the Orlando Sentinel reported that ghost tours and their related industries bring in over $300 million per year, which marked a significant jump from what used to be a gimmick. The presence of reality TV shows where individuals explore haunted houses also helps sell the idea of this as an exciting adventure for your customers.