Business Overview

Glamorous camping, or glamping, can be traced back to ancient Turkish ottomans that served as mobile palaces. In more recent history, it has taken England by storm and is quickly becoming popular within the United States. Although there aren’t any official statistics for glamping in the U.S., industry insiders have seen a big increase in demand recently.

For entrepreneurs act, this demand represents an exciting opportunity. lists only 183 glamping sites within the U.S., which leaves plenty of space for new glamping businesses.

Who is this business right for?

People who enjoy connecting with others and being outdoors may enjoy running a glamping business. Interpersonal skills are necessary because much of the business involves making guests feel welcome. A passion for the outdoors is helpful, for glamping is largely about connecting with nature.

A glamping business may be started as a part-time endeavor alongside another business, especially if the other business has unused land. Farmers and current campground owners, for example, might have land that can be converted into a glamping space.

What happens during a typical day at a glamping business?

Most activity at a glamping business focuses on making guests happy. This involves:

  • responding to inquiries from prospective guests
  • welcoming new guests
  • checking in and recommending activities for current guests
  • cleaning tents after guests leave
  • helping guests in any other feasible way

These activities are only done during the glamping season. During the off-season, a glamping business may close for a vacation or due to weather. Where winter weather would damage tents, a business’ tents must be taken down at the end of the season and then put up once spring comes.

What is the target market?

The target market for glamping business is affluent individuals, families and couples who want to take a vacation. Many of these people are turning to staycations instead of or in addition to traditional vacations, and a glamping business is the perfect place to go on a staycation.

How does a glamping business make money?

A glamping business makes money by charging guests for use of a tent. Most glamping businesses have nightly and weekly rates, and they charge different rates for differently sized tents.

What is the growth potential for a glamping business?

While a glamping business theoretically could franchise and open new locations, almost all businesses operate just one location. The location may have just a couple of tents, or it might have lots of spaces for guests. Firelight Camps is an example of a typical glamping business that has one location.