Business Overview

A graffiti removal business removes unwanted graffiti from a variety of surfaces and buildings. This is most commonly done via pressure washing and repainting. Even in smaller towns, graffiti is everywhere. Your removal business will be hired by business owners, school boards, city managers, and other authority figures to remove this unwanted graffiti.

Who is this business right for?

While experience is not a prerequisite, this job is great for someone who has extensive experience painting various surfaces, as repainting is a major part of the removal process. Similarly, experience with a pressure washer can help you be more efficient when you start. Otherwise, the business is ideal for those like to work alone—aside from your brief interactions with clients, much of your actual work day is spent by yourself.

What happens during a typical day at a graffiti removal business?

The day-to-day activities of a graffiti removal expert are actually pretty straightforward. You will take calls from existing clients and make calls to prospective clients. You will then drive a truck or trailer to the afflicted area and use your equipment to remove the graffiti. You may choose to spend downtime working on advertising and client recruitment.

What is the target market?

The “bread and butter” clients for a graffiti removal business are business owners and school boards. These people represent areas most often afflicted by graffiti. To a lesser extent, private homeowners and city managers will also require your services from time to time.

How does a graffiti removal business make money?

A graffiti removal business makes money by charging clients to remove their unwanted graffiti and, if necessary, to repaint the area. You should decide early on if your business will only charge for services rendered (getting paid one removal at a time) or if you would like to charge a monthly fee to be “on call” for that client or business if they should need you at any time.

What is the growth potential for a graffiti removal business?

The exact growth potential for this business varies greatly by the area you work in. In more metropolitan areas (such as New York City and even Toronto), such businesses typically do quite well for themselves. As you may imagine, the exact growth of your business is tied with the amount of graffiti that is added each month: more people living in the area means more graffiti, which adds up to more business for you.