Business Overview

Guard dog businesses are becoming very popular, especially in urban areas where nighttime burglary is on the rise. Business owners train guard dogs to protect the property of customers during all non-business hours. Guard dogs can be rented or sold to companies or individuals that require protection.

Who is this business right for?

This is a wonderful business for dog trainers and handlers, as well as people with an interest in security and crime deterrence. A business owner should be in good physical condition, since they will be training, caring for, and possibly transporting guard dogs.

What happens during a typical day at a guard dog business?

A dog guard business owner will be kept busy with a number of important tasks, including training, transporting dogs to their place of employment, cleaning up after the dogs and locking them up in their onsite kennel after their shift is over, or dropping off rental guard dogs at night and picking them up in the morning. They'll also need to care for the dogs' health and transport them to the vet when necessary. A business owner must also be responsible for the upkeep of vehicles, finding new dogs that are suitable for training, and providing 24-hour emergency customer service.

What is the target market?

Preferred clients are business or operating in high crime areas, or private homeowners, who wish to rent or buy a trained guard dog.

How does a guard dog business make money?

A guard dog business makes money by either renting out guard dogs or selling highly trained guard dogs to individuals.

What is the growth potential for a guard dog business?

Depending on the number of dogs you have, the increased popularity of owning a protection dog, and the crime statistics of the neighborhood, there is potential for growth. Keep in mind, though, that quality of care - clean, well-ventilated kennels and healthy, well-trained, cared-for dogs - should be a primary consideration before considering quantity.Growth potential is estimated at 15-20% annually.