Business Overview

A headhunter is someone who matches people with specific skills to different job positions. Headhunters typically work with people in their area, though they may work with long-distance clients as well.

Who is this business right for?

This business is good for people who enjoy helping others find more fulfilling careers. A headhunter also needs to enjoy absorbing a lot of details while on the job. They'll need to know the employee and the position well enough before they can start making meaningful matches.

What happens during a typical day at a headhunter business?

Most days will find headhunters interacting with their many clients. They may be coordinating meetings between potential employees and employers, or updating potential employees on their status in the job process. Headhunters field questions, research information, and facilitate connections. They reach out to countless people trying to find those who are both qualified and interested in making a job switch.

What is the target market?

The target market is usually people looking for lucrative and fulfilling careers. Headhunters can technically work in any industry, but they tend to be more popular in well-paying industries such as finance, tech, or engineering.

How does a headhunter business make money?

The payment structure for a headhunter is not always straightforward. They may be paid by the employee or the employer, depending on which party the headhunter primarily serves. Payment is often related to the salary the employee will make.

What is the growth potential for a headhunter business?

Job hunting has become extremely complicated today, with an overwhelming number of job listings across many online platforms. Even for the most qualified applicants, finding a position that matches both their skills and personal interests can be extremely difficult. Headhunters who have a good grip on the job market stand to go far in this business.