Business Overview

A health coach combines a variety of wellness techniques to give their clients a better outlook on their bodies and their lives. They help the community by spreading positive change and wellness techniques that can be used by more people than just their direct clients. This business is all about finding customized solutions that fit an individual’s lifestyle, so they’re more likely to stick with a plan.

Who is this business right for?

This business is excellent for people who love to give practical advice to everyone they meet. Health coaching has everything to do with finding goals that work from an individual, so health coaches need to be emphatic listeners and excellent communicators. They should also be comfortable with authority, as clients hire coaches to take charge. Entrepreneurs should also have a strong sense of how to achieve a balance between diet, exercise, and everyday life.

What happens during a typical day at a health coaching business?

Health coaches primarily work on the schedules of their clients. Their job may include the following duties:

  • Initial consultations with prospective clients
  • Coaching sessions with clients
  • Developing personalized plans
  • Scheduling and billing
  • Researching new trends in nutrition and exercise
  • Outreach and customers engagement

What is the target market?

Your target market is anyone who wants to live better. You are not solely looking for those who want to lose weight or exercise more, thought that's likely the primary concerns people will approach you with. A better body may be a byproduct of health coaching, but the primary market is someone who wants to make the long-term changes that will put them on a path toward a more productive life.

How does a health coaching business make money?

Health coaches charge for each session they give. When owners set their prices, they need to factor in not just the time spent with the client, but also the amount of money it costs to both get and keep the client. This includes time spent researching and drumming up business, as well as money spent for advertising.

What is the growth potential for a health coaching business?

A health coach is many things all at once: a therapist, a nutritionist, a life coach, and an ally. The growth potential is high, especially given that many people need external motivation to succeed. While it will be easier to grow in a wealthier area, health coaches have plenty of opportunities to branch out by giving online sessions or by expanding their travel budget.