Business Overview

Home tutoring allows you to offer individualized lessons to students of all ages regarding any special skill sets that you have. A good home tutoring business is flexible because your students will have very different needs: some are struggling with classes in school, some are studying for college entrance exams, and others may be adult learners who need to master certain skills to benefit their employment.

Who is this business right for?

This business is ideal for current and former teachers, which is why many teachers begin their home tutoring business as a part-time job. You must be a people person, as most of the business regards direct, one-on-one interaction with others. It helps to be good with children of all ages, as they comprise the vast majority of your customers. Finally, it helps to be organized and self-motivated: conducting home tutoring as a full-scale business means managing many contacts, reaching out to local schools, and making sure you have enough time during each session for your various clients.

What happens during a typical day at a home tutoring business?

The primary day-to-day activities of a home tutoring business involve conducting previously-scheduled tutoring sessions. In-between sessions, you will spend time reviewing client emails, brushing up on student progress between sessions, and corresponding with potential clients. You should also spend time seeking out online learning tools that you can show to your clients as a supplement to what they are learning from you and what they may be learning at school. Finally, time between sessions can be a great time to work on advertising for your business.

What is the target market?

The best customers for a home tutoring business are regular ones. Because you are charging an hourly fee (and should not really be charging any other kinds of fees on top of that), some of your best customers will be those whose parents are trying to help them succeed with a subject in school. If they reach out to you early enough, you may be tutoring them for a semester or two—anywhere between 16 and 32 weeks. Aside from that, some of your best customers will be college students and adult learners, as these are the groups who realize that sessions with you are an investment to either save or make them more money, respectively.

How does a home tutoring business make money?

The business model for a home tutoring business is very straightforward: you typically charge clients a fixed hourly fee. This fee should accurately represent both your education and experience in the chosen subject and should also account for the average price of your competition in the area.

What is the growth potential for a home tutoring business?

To some degree, the size of a home tutoring business is limited by its nature. That is, people are willing to pay a premium for a one-on-one teaching experience, so most home tutoring businesses eventually reach a limit: specifically, that the tutor no longer has enough hours in the day or the week to take on more customers. It IS possible for a successful tutor to eventually create a tutoring center with multiple tutors as employees, but that requires large amounts of additional time, funds, and licenses, and many home tutors enjoy their business specifically because it has a low overhead and they maintain schedule flexibility and business autonomy.