Business Overview

Italian ice is also regionally known as water ice and is a favorite summertime treat at fairs and festivals. Customers love to buy scoops from mobile carts, seasonal kiosks, and permanent storefronts.

Who is this business right for?

An Italian ice business is perfect for anyone who is looking for a mostly seasonal or part-time food business. The owner of an Italian ice business should enjoy working outside during hot weather. In addition, any water ice business owners who are planning to travel to fairs or festivals in other locations for work should feel comfortable pulling a trailer on the highway.

What happens during a typical day at an italian ice business?

After restocking an Italian Ice cart or dipping cabinet, the remainder of an operator's daily activities involves selling and scooping water ice. At the end of the day, the equipment needs to be cleaned and any leftover Italian ice needs proper storage.

What is the target market?

Children love Italian ice, but many adults buy scoops for themselves, too. This is especially true at festivals or other active outdoor activities when ice cream may be a little too heavy. Italian ice has a perception among many customers as being a healthier alternative to other sweet snacks.

How does an italian ice business make money?

An Italian ice business earns money through selling scoops of Italian ice.

What is the growth potential for an italian ice business?

The easiest way to increase the growth potential for an Italian ice business is to extend the number of days the business is open. To successfully extend the season, mobile Italian ice businesses which operate in Northern states can head South to take part in festivals during the colder weather at home. Purchasing additional mobile vending units will also increase gross sales, but will lead to more expenses as well.