Business Overview

Lamaze classes and instructors help expecting parents prepare for the birthing process. Additionally, lamaze classes will discuss the first few months of care, following the birth of the child.

Who is this business right for?

Although the logical choice for a lamaze instructor might be a person with a medical background, such as nurse, physical therapist, or medical trainer/teacher, there are persons from all walks of life thriving in this profession. Often, people experiencing their own pregnancies decide to learn more, become fascinated with helping others prepare, or find a passion in the child birthing and childcare fields. Ultimately, the best candidate is a person who enjoys teaching and talking to others, is detailed in their work, and desires to give the highest quality care and advice possible to new and expecting parents.

What happens during a typical day at a lamaze classes business?

Lamaze classes may be individual, high intensity one-offs, in which expecting parents are given lots of information over a few hours and are instructed on how to continue practicing techniques on their own. Or, the classes will stretch over many classes, in which techniques and information are introduced slowly, with more hands-on instruction. For both types, lamaze instructors are addressing class participants, discussing fears and misconceptions, and offering advice about how to proceed with your precious cargo. Day to day activities focus on preparing for these classes, re-stocking class instructional materials, scheduling future classes and enrolling new class members. Advertising and marketing the business and networking with related medical services and professionals will also figure into the day to day activities.

What is the target market?

Your target market is expecting parents, both moms and dads. Especially first time parents, as they will be the most nervous and looking for proper guidance.

How does a lamaze classes business make money?

Lamaze class businesses make their money through the registration fees paid by the class participants.

What is the growth potential for a lamaze classes business?

Traditionally, lamaze classes have been fairly popular, although some expecting parents have opted for a hospital and delivery doctor to be the primary caregivers. In more recent years, there has been a decided uptick in the number of lamaze instructors, midwives, and doulas entering neonatal workforce. Many parents are looking to be more aware of the childbirth process, want to explore alternative childbirth methods, or want to give birth in their own home. Accordingly, there is an expanding market for qualified and experienced lamaze coaches. And, don’t forget, babies are being born at a steadily increasing rate.