Business Overview

Throughout history, people have always needed to know the precise measurement of a particular piece of land or the height of an object. Whether the information is necessary for the creation of a topographical map of an area or for determining the exact location of property lines prior to a sale, the field of land surveying is important. A land surveying company helps to increase economic growth by being an essential part of the land development industry.

Who is this business right for?

Owning a land surveying company is not a suitable part-time business for a person who is looking to earn a little extra money. The long road to becoming a licensed land surveyor demands someone who is dedicated and passionate about the field. Land surveyors need to have a high level of skill in mathematics and CAD. The job is very physical and requires the ability to spend long days outside in a variety of weather. Travel is an essential aspect of the job. What happens on a typical day at a  land surveying business?After a client hires a land surveying company, the job usually begins with research on the area where the land surveyor will measure. This can include searching for and examining old surveying reports, or looking at aerial photography of the land. Once preliminary research is done, a land surveyor needs to go into the field to take a new survey. After gathering all the information, the land surveyor uses a computer program to create a map and then writes a report of his findings. 

What is the target market?

The target markets for a land surveying business are homeowners, land developers and public organizations. When starting a land surveying business, finding clients is one of the most difficult parts. New businesses can't afford to specialize in one particular area of the industry. 

How does a land surveying business make money?

Clients hire land surveying businesses to create precise measurements of a property. There are a wide range of potential clients including land developers, homeowners and public organizations.

What is the growth potential for a land surveying business?

The job outlook for land surveyors is mixed. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that between 2014 and 2024, the total number of land surveyors will fall by around 2 percent. The cause of this decline is most likely the advancement in land surveying technology which allows surveyors to work quicker, and not less clients. On the upside, the average age of current land surveyors is 55 years old. In many areas of the country, around 10 percent of current surveyors are retiring each year. This means that people who start a new land surveying now will be facing much less competition in the future.