Business Overview

Laser cutting is a versatile business idea that can be taken in a number of different directions. While it’s historically been used in large-scale industrial applications, it’s recently gained popularity for smaller applications as the selection of tools and services widens. Entrepreneurs may use their lasers to either create their own objects or to engrave existing objects for either professional or personal use.

Who is this business right for?

Owners should have the technical skills to work with the laser cutter, but they’ll also need to be creative. Even if you’re making relatively straightforward objects, it helps to have the element of imagination when it comes to improving upon or customizing your selection.

What happens during a typical day at a laser cutting business?

Most of the day will usually be spent designing, cutting, and engraving. Owners may also need to manage staff, decide on an advertising strategy, or perform general administrative tasks.

What is the target market?

The target market can be anyone who enjoys quality products or artistic expression in either a professional or personal capacity. Because a laser cutter can be used to make anything from trophies to wedding invitations, laser cutters can decide their demographics based on the materials, prices, and time commitment it takes to make each object.

How does a laser cutting business make money?

Laser cutting businesses will typically set their prices to give themselves a healthy profit margin. For example, if a custom necklace cost $50 in raw materials to make and an hour to produce, the owner may charge $125 for the finished product.

What is the growth potential for a laser cutting business?

Laser cutters have a high growth potential because they’re versatile enough to work within a variety of industries. They can also work with different materials to fit a wide range of customer requests. A laser cutter makes it easier to personalize or brand items without pricing the majority of people out of the market. This perk plus the quality and the longevity of laser-cut objects have been the driving forces behind the rise in the popularity of laser cutting.