Business Overview

The business of entertainment can offer quite the lucrative career. When considering activities for children, families, and adventurous adults, a laser tag business can be a great fit for all types of clients. Be it birthday party celebrations, team building exercises for various groups, or indoor activities for children on inclement weather days, a laser tag facility can offer excitement and challenges.

Who is this business right for?

Those who are intrigued by technology, entertaining, and interacting with many different people are best suited for this business venture. If you enjoy a high energy work environment, a laser tag operation might be perfect. For many, the idea of owning and operating a laser tag business has been a longstanding dream and, with the proper preparation, this dream can become a reality.

What happens during a typical day at a laser tag business?

Upon opening your business, you will likely want to take a more active role in the day-to-day operations of the facility. As the arena starts to generate more revenue, additional members of your team can be added to take over management of your enterprise.

The following tasks will require your attention on a regular basis to ensure your laser tag business’ success:

  • Speaking with current and potential clients who are interested in hosting events at the facility.
  • Routine maintenance and repair of equipment
  • Safety check of laser tag course
  • Checking inventory and place order for items you are low on
  • Networking and marketing to build a loyal customer base
  • Managing staff and vendor interactions
  • Administrative and accounting duties

What is the target market?

While individuals of every age group enjoy laser tag, your core demographic will be aged six to fourteen. Your younger players enjoy the full experience, immersing themselves in this fun-filled, adventurous world.

With proper arena design and a sound marketing strategy, your business does have the potential to attract adults. Your adult customers are there to challenge their co-workers, enjoy an evening out with friends, or compete against others who take the game more seriously.

How does a laser tag business make money?

Laser tag businesses charge a fee per person for each game played.

What is the growth potential for a laser tag business?

As one of the most profitable businesses in the entertainment industry, laser tag facilities generated over $375 million dollars in the United States last year. This industry offers a profit margin of up to 40%, further demonstrating its earning potential.