Business Overview

A leather business supplies leather goods and services to customers. Everything from high quality purses and handbags to leather repair may be available through a leather business.

Who is this business right for?

A leather business, much like other specialty businesses, looks to offer customers leather products and services. Therefore, knowledge of leather products, leather crafting, sewing, and repairs is recommended, if not necessary. Talking to customers and communicating online are also critical skills for building this type of business. Finally, experience in retail sales or retail marketing and promoting, preferably leather related, are also great bonus tools to possess in your skill arsenal.

What happens during a typical day at a leather business?

Whether you operate in a brick and mortar storefront or are making and shipping orders from home or a workshop, the majority of your day to day will consist of taking and processing customer orders and creating leather products for said customers. You will also spend some of your time interacting with your leather and leather product distributors and wholesalers. Last, but not least, your marketing and advertising efforts will have to constantly be updated and pushed to a larger audience. As a niche operation, it is critical that you keep current customers coming back as well as attracting new customers.

What is the target market?

Your target market will more than likely consist of customers who have purchased a leather items before. Although leather is popular, many consumers will shy away from animal products. Therefore, its critical to attract customers who appreciate durability, rugged, yet refined quality, and the look and feel of leather products. Some items can be reasonably priced, but most of your goods and services will tend to be priced below luxury, yet above department store numbers.

How does a leather business make money?

A leather business makes its money from the sale of leather and leather products as well as the repairing of leather goods, such as shoes and apparel, such as purses, suitcases, or briefcases.

What is the growth potential for a leather business?

Leather seems to retain its popularity, both as a stylish material and as a durable product, capable of remaining functional and posh for many years. Accordingly, a good quality leather business will find and retain loyal customers for many years. Sometimes, successful leather businesses can foster multi-generational ownership and profitability.