Business Overview

Longarm quilting businesses offer a unique set of services, assisting hobbyist quilters with the parts of their quilts that require a special, larger machine, called a longarm machine and frame. Many longarm quilters will also sell their own artistic creations, accepting custom work when a customer comes to them with an inspiring piece.

Who is this business right for?

Those who enter this industry truly enjoy the process of helping fulfill someone else’s vision. They enjoy working with their hands, adding the finishing touches to their clients’ artistic fabric pairings, which tell a story. Most quilters have spent years sewing quilts for family and friends and, at the encouragement of others, are ready to take their hobby to the next level.

What happens during a typical day at a longarm quilting business?

As a longarm quilting business owner, much of your day will be spent on the longarm machine. But there are a number of other tasks you must tend to on a regular business to ensure you are treating this like a business, rather than an extension of your hobby.

  • Answering inquiries, via telephone and/or email, from potential customers
  • Collaborating with clients regarding the specifics of their order
  • Managing inventory, delivering original quilts that have been sold
  • Shopping and ordering the essentials for each project
  • Marketing your business and completed projects
  • Tending to administrative duties such as sending out invoices and paying bills
  • Researching new techniques and industry trends

As the business begins to mature, it may be necessary to hire an assistant to handle administrative tasks, allowing you to focus solely on the duties that inspire you most.

What is the target market?

This industry caters to a very niche market. The vast majority of your clients will be quilters who lack the necessary skills and/or equipment to finish their own creations.

How does a longarm quilting business make money?

Each client has their own set of unique needs. Fees are collected based on the services required and are set based on hours invested and supplies required. The fee structure is similar for custom and original pieces sold by the longarm quilter.

What is the growth potential for a longarm quilting business?

The growth of your business is directly tied to the number of hours you wish to dedicate to production, as well as consumer demand. Quilters looking to take their business’ growth to the next level are committed to a strong marketing strategy, hiring additional longarm quilters to ensure orders are fulfilled on time and at or below budget.