Business Overview

A makeup business sells beauty products, catering to customers' individual beauty needs. Products are sold to distributors, in a standalone store, or through independent consultants.

Who is this business right for?

The business savvy entrepreneur who is passionate about experimenting with cosmetics will find success in this industry. As the owner of a makeup business, your role is to help others turn their visions into a reality and feel more positive about their appearance.

What happens during a typical day at a makeup business?

This is largely dependent upon how you decide to structure your business. Whether you open a brick and mortar or ship products to others for distribution/sale, some day-to-day activities will remain the same:

  • Test new products and collect feedback from current and prospective customers
  • Fill makeup orders and ship to destination
  • Advise customers on personal makeup and skincare needs, helping them achieve their desired look
  • Network within community/industry and market your business
  • Contact suppliers
  • Conduct market research and keep up with the latest trends
  • Regular sales team meetings to discuss current business trends and ongoing needs
  • Administrative duties

If a makeup store is part of your vision, there are a few additional activities to consider:

  • You and your staff will take a more hands-on approach with customers.
  • Shelves must be fully stocked and reorders should be placed regularly.
  • Facility must be maintained and kept clean.

What is the target market?

Marketing efforts should target specific demographics. Learn who would benefit most from your products, their specific needs, and work to define what sets you apart from the competition.

A few demographics to consider:

  • Actors and actresses
  • Local broadcasters
  • Cheerleaders and gymnasts
  • Men and women of various ages - men represent a growing market that is largely untapped at the moment
  • Makeup artists and consultants

How does a makeup business make money?

A makeup business generates revenue from either the individual sale or wholesale distribution of their products.

What is the growth potential for a makeup business?

Growing 6% in 2016, the beauty industry consistently realizes significant growth, year after year. The makeup class was the largest contributor, contributing 82% of the industry’s overall growth. While brick and mortar establishments offer the highest earning potential, online beauty sales have grown at a rate of 20% annually. This industry shows no signs of slowing down and offers ample opportunities for the dedicated and innovative entrepreneur.