Business Overview

A Mexican grocery store offers customers traditional and authentic Mexican and Hispanic groceries, including vegetables and produce, meats, spices, and canned goods.

Who is this business right for?

If your background includes time spent working for grocery or convenience store, have managerial experience or even extensive retail experience, as well as a shared love for traditional and authentic Mexican flavors, this may be the perfect endeavor.

What happens during a typical day at a mexican grocery store?

Your biggest concern, day to day will be servicing your customers and making sure your shelves stay stocked and prepared for new and existing customers. Interaction with your patrons is quite critical, as you are often an independent store, unable to lean on the strength of a chain store's reputation and advertising. Therefore, you must promote your business through positive word of mouth and store interactions. Additionally, you will need to;

  • Conduct inventories and re-order products
  • Advertise and market through various outlets, both free and paid
  • Create relationships with your distributors and cultivate new contacts for products and supplies
  • Study trends in authentic and new traditional Mexican and Hispanic cuisine

What is the target market?

Primarily, you will be targeting Mexican families and restaurants, while customers who crave authentic culinary recipes may also be a subset of your customer base who will spread the word about your business to seemingly unrelated potential customers, only to see your business branch out in new and profitable directions.

How does a mexican grocery store make money?

Money for your business will be generated through the sales of your products.

What is the growth potential for a mexican grocery store?

Depending on the area in which you are located, you can create a thriving and profitable store, capable of becoming a niche location for customers looking for authentic and traditional Mexican cuisine options. Before deciding to open this type of store, make sure you've researched the location and the prevalence of other similar stores in your area. Since this is a business which could be classified as specialty, you will want to make sure there isn't over-saturation, which will fracture the business you may receive.