Business Overview

While the primary feature of this business is the mini-golf itself, many such businesses include other features such as arcade games, food, and activities like a climbing wall. This allows the business to bill itself as a kid-friendly entertainment center and achieve more year-round business.

Who is this business right for?

This job is definitely for someone who is enthusiastic about mini-golf. This helps you to not only enjoy your job but to facilitate minor repairs and maintenance of the course as needed. The job is also best for a “people person,” as you will be dealing with individuals and groups of very different ages, personalities, and temperament, and it takes a special skill to deal with everyone courteously and professionally.

What happens during a typical day at a miniature golf course?

The daily activities for a mini-golf business are pretty simple. You will be talking to customers, taking their payment, providing them with equipment, and explaining any particular regulations for your course. Other time will be spent fixing and maintaining the course, ordering additional equipment when needed, and networking with other local businesses to help promote yourself. If you end up investing more and adding features such as arcade games, your daily activities may include the maintenance and repair of those machines as well.

What is the target market?

In general, your best clients will be families. This is because the parents will help to control the behavior of children (which will not be true of all your teenage customers), and larger families provide more cash at a time than smaller groups of customers. And they help create lifelong business for you as the children who enjoy the experience will enjoy coming back as they get older and eventually bring their own children.

How does a miniature golf course make money?

A mini-golf business simply charges customers a set fee in order for the customers to play on the course.

What is the growth potential for a miniature golf course?

The exact growth potential of a mini-golf business varies by area. Nationally, businesses that focus purely on mini-golf have experienced a decline in recent years; however, businesses that have diversified their offerings by including features such as a video arcade typically do quite well, and the affordability of this as an entertainment option remains highly attractive to local residents in many cities.