Business Overview

A mobile vet business offers customers the option of having a certified Veterinarian or vet tech travel to their location in order to see and treat their animals.

Who is this business right for?

Mobile vet services are growing in popularity with many Veterinary professionals looking to expand their business and service area to customers not in their immediate vicinity. Vets and vet techs in rural areas are also seeing this as a great opportunity to provide customer service to a wider customer base, not always able to travel the distances to reach a Veterinary hospital.

What happens during a typical day at a mobile vet business?

As the name implies, a mobile vet business is traveling from place to place, setting up for the customers and pets in a localized area. Much of the day to day activities will revolve around the travel and animal examinations, recommendations, and treatments. Additionally, the mobile office must be restocked with medical and office supplies, as needed.

What is the target market?

Your target market are pet owners, unable to visit a vet’s office, either because of distance or time. You will be supplying a service in which the customer needs a reasonable method for having their animals examined by a professional, so you may be offering times outside of the typical 9-5 work hours. But, by supplying these options, you will be tapping into a market which will more than likely become quite loyal to you and your efforts.

How does a mobile vet business make money?

Fees paid by customers for the examinations performed by the vet or vet tech will account for the business’ profits.

What is the growth potential for a mobile vet business?

People love their animals and most are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure they’re healthy and will live long, happy lives. Mobile vet services make these desires all the more accessible and obtainable. Mobile services are also popular, as they often are able to offer hours of operation different from the typical 9-5 scenario. This offers working men and women the option to make sure their pets are being examined and cared for regularly. This all adds up to a very favorable market for such services and a market with great growth potential.