Business Overview

A Nerf arena provides a large indoor or outdoor space for customers to battle each other with Nerf guns and foam bullets. Courses and game play are designed for multiple skill levels and age groups.

Who is this business right for?

An individual who enjoys working in a fast-paced, entertaining environment would be the ideal candidate for this business venture. Nerf arena entrepreneurs should enjoy interaction with customers of all ages and backgrounds, bringing out the kid in all of us.

What happens during a typical day at a nerf arena?

A Nerf arena owner will spend a good deal of time actively playing with customers, as interaction with customers is priority number one. Visitors who walk away with a smile on their face will not only become regular customers, they will share their experience with others in the community. Direct involvement in game play will safeguard against injury. Additionally, it will offer your team an opportunity to note customer feedback, adjusting business strategies accordingly.

In addition, your Nerf arena team will need to:

  • Place vendor orders when supplies run low
  • Routine maintenance and cleaning of arena and equipment
  • Safety check of course and all equipment
  • Conduct market research regularly to ensure your business keeps up with the latest trends
  • Schedule parties and host events
  • Implement marketing strategy and network within the community
  • Accounting and administrative duties

What is the target market?

Fortunately, Nerf arenas are the type of adventure that appeals to individuals of every age group. Your core audience will be aged six to fourteen. However, many facilities have found that, with the right course design and equipment, much of their revenue is derived from corporate groups looking for a fun way to solidify business teams and reward employees for their hard work.

How does a nerf arena make money?

Nerf arenas generate revenue from each individual that visits the establishment. A majority of the business’ income will come from groups that reserve the space for a birthday party or company event.

What is the growth potential for a nerf arena?

Nerf guns have regained popularity over the last decade, offering entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to invest in a fairly new business venture. This growing trend, however, has yet to reach many cities across the U.S. Those who possess both vision and drive can expand their enterprise to entertain Nerf gun enthusiasts in every major city.