Business Overview

Unlike an authority website which tries to be the undisputed expert on a broad subject such as TV shows, a niche website shrinks down the focus of the site to explore one favorite TV show or even a single character within a TV show in depth. Since a niche website's topic is very specific, it will naturally have a smaller, yet more concentrated audience base which is a perfect situation for monetization.

Who is this business right for?

A niche website is perfect for someone who has an intense interest in a specific aspect of a wider topic. Because of the limited scope of the topic, a niche site does not have to have as much content as other types of sites, and the information does not need updating as frequently. It is a great part-time business for anyone who can't spend every day working on a website.

What happens during a typical day at a niche website?

Owners of niche websites generally do not need to work on their sites frequently. The average niche website may require a week or two of active website design and content creation at first, but then there are only occasional updates. Using the example of a niche website for a single TV show, the site owner would only have to update the content of the website after each episode airs. Since most shows air only a few dozen times a year, the site owner doesn't have to think about the site most of the time. Besides limited content updates, a website owner needs to find a way to monetize and market the site. The good news is marketing a website is much easier than marketing other sites.

What is the target market?

The target market is anyone who shares an interest in the topic of the website.

How does a niche website make money?

Many niche websites use multiple methods for earning money. Depending on the topic of the site, joining an affiliate marketing program is a good choice. Affiliate marketing is when one website receives a commission for encouraging their visitors to make a purchase at a third-party retailer. Other sources of income are traditional ads, direct selling to visitors or charging a subscription to access information. The best type of monetization depends on the niche and the number of monthly visitors.

What is the growth potential for a niche website?

The entire premise behind a niche website is taking a large, popular topic and breaking it down into much smaller parts. Naturally this approach decreases the number of people who are interested in the subject and limits the potential number of visitors. Instead of attempting to attract more visitors by expanding the scope of the site, it is far better to create a separate, yet related site.