Business Overview

Popularized after the TV series “American Ninja Warrior,” ninja warrior gyms offer obstacle courses and training classes. Customers utilize the facility as a fun way to build strength and get in shape. More serious gym members are there to train competitively in preparation for the national competition.

Who is this business right for?

Fitness gurus who are passionate about helping others become stronger are best built for this profession.

What happens during a typical day at a ninja warrior gym?

To cater to the needs of your clients, your days will be kept to a regular schedule. Daily activities include:

  • Fielding phone calls and emails, answering questions for current and potential clients.
  • Overseeing tours of the facility for potential clients.
  • Ensuring facility remains clean and maintaining obstacle courses.
  • Researching the latest fitness trends.
  • Following official “Ninja Warrior” activities to ensure your gym offers the best courses to prepare customers training for the show.
  • Networking within the community, both on a local and national level.
  • Planning, hosting, and participating in events.
  • Marketing your business.
  • Overseeing and training staff.

Additionally, there are a number of administrative tasks that must be addressed regularly. As the gym starts to build a solid membership base, you may want to add a member to your team who can handle these duties.

What is the target market?

While it is natural to assume the large part of your customer base will be dedicated to their fitness regimen, this is actually not the case. Most ninja gym owners indicate the majority of their revenue is generated from classes, activities, and camps for young children. This is an excellent and safe place for kids to become a part of the show, expending energy and getting fit, in the process.

Your second largest client base will be individuals who are there to build strength in a more social atmosphere. The men often have a climbing or parkour background, while the females’ athletic background is often in dance or gymnastics. The obstacle course layout is a welcome change from their regular conventional gym workouts.

You will also have a consistent number of clients who are fanatics of the show. These athletes are dedicated to their ninja warrior training. Their primary goal is to make it onto the show and win the competition.

How does a ninja warrior gym make money?

Your gym will generate revenue from each customer that comes in to take a class or utilize the facility.

What is the growth potential for a ninja warrior gym?

As “American Ninja Warrior” continues to grow in popularity, so, too, will ninja warrior gyms. Last year, over 75,000 athletes auditioned for the show. These numbers are expected to grow, offering a unique business opportunity to entrepreneurs dedicated to achieving their goals.