Business Overview

A notary public acts as a certified and legal witness, providing their signature in exchange for proof of identification. Standard notarized legal documents include contracts, mortgages, and property deeds. Notary public businesses serve customers either from a home office, brick-and-mortar establishment, mobile, or online.

Who is this business right for?

The individual who has the drive and ambition to work hard at building a reputable and profitable career as their own boss.

What happens during a typical day at a notary business?

When not notarizing documents for clients, business owners spend their time networking and implementing ideas defined in their marketing strategy. Mobile business owners spend a portion of each day traveling to meet their customer’s needs.

What is the target market?

Notary businesses are cautioned against pigeonholing themselves into serving just one type of client. There are a number of different types of documents that require a notary; it is recommended that you target as many as possible when marketing to the public.

How does a notary business make money?

A notary business charges a fee for each document they notarize. Building a relationship with organizations that require a notary regularly is a great way to ensure a steady flow of income.

What is the growth potential for a notary business?

Before opening your business, research other notary services in the area. Is there a demand for it? What other services do they offer? What hours are they available? Is your area in need of a mobile service? How many online notaries are available in your state? Tailor your services and hours around what your community is lacking to ensure your company grows to meet your business goals.