Business Overview

A packaging design business enhances packages with visual graphics while also designing existing product packages. A package design business, ultimately, protects products for sale, transportation, distribution, storage, and use. A package’s design includes both its structural and aesthetic design. Ideally, a package design will be enhanced by graphics. In most cases, a package’s design is product-centric. From all angles, a package exists to serve the product.

Who is this business right for?

The package design business is great for creative individuals. Products need both physical protection and visual representation, and a package can do both. A successful package design business owner will have a good perspective for branding, packaging, and forward-thinking designs. Typically, package design business owners are imaginative and hard-working. They also have a good eye for environmentally friendly designs. Package design business owners need to pay attention to regional packaging federations and they must similarly pay attention to the many packaging associations and institutes at play.

What happens during a typical day at a packaging design business?

A package design business owner doesn’t only package products. They drive workers through a variety of structural design lessons, maximizing their potential while ensuring they uphold a package’s aesthetic value. A package design business owner must constantly check designs for clarity and simplicity. They must also reflect a product’s features and safety needs. Authenticity is a must, and a keen eye for modern marketing trends certainly helps. Administrative tasks are completed, too, ranging across management, finance, and marketing.

What is the target market?

A package design business’ customers are different depending on the industry. For this reason, it’s important to focus on your business’s market segment. Getting into the market, for most package design businesses, is difficult. Luxury markets may require minimalistic designs, whereas accessible markets—mostly run by Neiman Marcus and Wal-Mart—are far more flexible. High-end department stores, meanwhile, can have a variety of markets. The ideal consumer-base is a stable one, and it exists in a stable market.

How does a packaging design business make money?

Primarily, a packaging design business profits from positioning its package designs effectively. If it can represent a product truly—and in an attractive way—it can expect long-term partnerships with a variety of brands. While a packaging design business can make money by protecting products alone, its long-term success will rely on a firm understanding of appeal.

What is the growth potential for a packaging design business?

If a packaging design business has a slew of prototypes, markets effectively, strikes solid partnerships, and creates memorable packages, it can grow wildly. The world’s most successful packaging design businesses are international, using massive marketing campaigns, sales kits, and partnership networks to grow exponentially.