Business Overview

A personal stylist helps to perfect the image of a client. The services of a stylist may be required before a major event or even be incorporated into daily life for certain clients. The role of a personal stylist includes handling hair, makeup, fashion, and anything else related to the image of a client. This business is a vital part of any community as it helps individuals achieve success in an increasingly image-conscious world.

Who is this business right for?

This business is ideal for someone who has personal and/or professional experience in categories such as fashion, hair care, and makeup. It is also good for those who are already part of a network that may include actors, broadcasters, and anyone else who regularly requires personal styling before media appearances. Finally, it's a good job for a “people person,” as you may spend extensive amounts of time with very different kinds of clients.

What happens during a typical day at a Personal Styling Business?

Your exact daily activities may vary based on the changing needs of diverse clients. Generally, however, you will meet with clients for an initial consultation, agree on a particular look and style, and then facilitate the client's style makeover. To this end, you may need to shop for clothes, makeup, and other supplies, and then help the client with everything from makeup application to fashion coordination in order to perfect their look.

What is the target market?

While many people will want your services, the chief market is young professionals. These are up-and-coming people for whom image may be a deciding factor in both their professional and romantic aspirations.

How does a Personal Styling Business make money?

You will ultimately decide whether you wish to bill clients by the hour or to bill them by session.

What is the growth potential for a Personal Styling Business?

The growth potential of this business is decent, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating that the related fields of hairdressing and cosmetology are expected to grow by ten percent between 2014 and 2024. This also gives you a kind of marketing edge as well, as you can point out to prospective clients that a visit from you is like a visit from three different specialists rolled into one.