Business Overview

Many people take excellent care of their pets, which includes feeding them great foods. Pet food businesses create high-quality pet foods for people’s pets. Most businesses offer a variety of recipes, so pet owners can find one that’s perfect for their pets. According to IBISWorld, the pet food industry brings in $27 billion annually and is growing.

Who is this business right for?

Anyone who is passionate about animals and enjoys coming up with recipes may like running a pet food business. Having a passion for animals helps business owners connect with potential customers, and a love for experimenting with recipes will help a business owner come up with unique foods to sell.

What happens during a typical day at a pet food business?

A pet food business owner’s daily activities include:

  • blending ingredients to create pet foods
  • cleaning the facility where they create pet foods
  • delivering, shipping or selling pet foods to customers
  • paying bills and seeing to other administrative duties as needed

When not doing one of these tasks, business owners may spend time coming up with new recipes or marketing their business.

What is the target market?

A pet food business’ ideal customer is a pet owner whose is concerned about what their pet eats and has discretionary income. Such a pet owner will be willing and able to pay for a high-end pet food.

How does a pet food business make money?

A pet food business makes money by selling pet food. While businesses may make food for almost any pet, most specialize in foods for dogs or cats because they’re the most popular pets.

What is the growth potential for a pet food business?

A pet food business may be a small, local business or sell pet foods throughout the country. For example, RAW by Canines First is a local pet store in Dallas, Texas that has its own line of dog food. POSH Dog Barkery is another pet food company in Dallas, but they sell through retailers in several states. On a national level, Nature’s Recipe reaches pet owners throughout the United States by selling its foods in Petsmart’s stores.

Many local pet food businesses expand their potential customer base by selling online, in addition to locally through physical retail locations. Both Chef K9’s and Lucky Dog Cuisine do this.