Business Overview

A viable pet supply store sells anything and everything pet-related. From fish tanks to dog toys, a pet supply store offers the products needed to keep a pet healthy and happy. Some pet supply stores have walk-in clinics. Others have adoption centers. While large pet supply stores like Petco exist, there are plenty of successful local pet supply stores.

Who is this business right for?

A pet supply store isn’t necessarily hard to upkeep, but it’s best operated by those who love animals. Because all products and services are catered to animal owners, pet enthusiasts, and animal-lovers, having similar interests helps. A pet shop owner needs to not only be happy around animals, but also understanding of them. Frequently, pet shops allow animals on the premises. For this reason, a store owner must be willing to pick up after, calm down, and handle dogs, cats, and other animals. Day-to-day care for pet shop adoption centers is also needed.

What happens during a typical day at a pet supply store?

A pet supply store owner must purchase and distribute pet products. These products are purchased wholesale, but they require aggressive purchasing plans to profit. As with any small retail shop, operators must handle customers, promote products, conduct transactions, handle maintenance, and ensure a clean environment. Pet supply stores which offer adoptions and care centers have an additional set of responsibilities. They must uphold industry health guidelines, ensuring the health, safety, and wellbeing of any on-premises animals, feed the animals, and perform daily care routines.  

What is the target market?

Customers who are calm, understanding, and excited about pets are incredibly valuable. An ideal customer will handle their pet with care, have a well-trained pet, understand what they’re looking for, and be open to any care tips. If a pet supply store doesn’t offer adoptions or care opportunities, preferred customers are often repeat customers looking to restock on food and treats for their pet. As a local business, a pet supply store thrives on regulars.

How does a pet supply store make money?

Much of a pet supply store’s revenue is generated from the sale of goods—primarily food. As one of a pet owner’s only locations for food, a pet store receives continuous purchases. Pet supply store owners can expect return visits every couple of weeks. Many supplies pet owners purchase will need to be replenished over time. Such items include toys, beds, and other supplies that wear out over time. Pet supply store owners can expect consistent purchasing trends. Adoption centers, meanwhile, make money from adoption fees. Care centers receive money based upon provided services.

What is the growth potential for a pet supply store?

Pet supply stores have a high growth potential. Because their product demands are inelastic—customers need pet food—they can expect the consistent revenue stream needed for growth. As a local provider, a pet store can even become a preferred location. That said, small pet supply stores may have difficulty competing against large chains, such as Petco and Petsmart.