Business Overview

Piano tuners are generally mobile service technicians that complete simple repairs and routine tuning for a wide variety of pianos at the piano owner's home, business, or school. They are knowledgeable in the construction of pianos, and they can repair felt, keys, minor wood damage, and replace wire as needed to maintain action and sound.  Pianos used in a commercial or academic setting can be tuned after being moved or on a regular four month, six month, or yearly basis. It is a service that relies on the tuning technician’s expertise and experience.

Who is this business right for?

If you are an individual with a great appreciation for the function, construction, and general maintenance of fine instruments, as well as a basic understanding of music, this business may be a good fit for you. Generally, piano tuning businesses are one-man operations, so you must enjoy working alone and you must be self-motivated.

What happens during a typical day at a piano tuning business?

When you operate your own piano tuning business, you can expect to complete a variety of tasks on any given day. They may include:

  • Traveling to your daily appointments
  • Replacing felt, hammers, damaged piano wire, and even a damaged key.
  • Setting up a grand piano that needs to be positioned for performance
  • Tuning as many instruments as possible while maintaining strict level of performance
  • Collecting payments from clients
  • Developing new clients through networking professionals in the music industry
  • Sending out reminders and advertisements to existing customers to encourage them to set up an appointment
  • Answering all correspondence pertaining to your business quickly and professionally

What is the target market?

Your ideal clients will be music schools and colleges, public schools, recording studios, and performance venues. These clients will have a multitude of instrument that will regularly require your tuning services. In-home piano tuning clients are less likely to call for regular maintenance for their instruments, but they will still generate a decent portion of your profit.

How does a piano tuning business make money?

Repeat business is the only way to make money in this industry.  There are no extra products to sell the customer, so your service must be top notch every time.  Your reputation among music professionals will dictate who calls you for service and how much you can demand for your service.

What is the growth potential for a piano tuning business?


Initially, a piano tuning business may function exceptionally well as a second job or a part-time endeavor. Once your reputation is established and you make connections with school systems or colleges, it is possible to grow the business into a full-time endeavor. It is also possible to secure a salaried position with major music colleges or performing arts venues.