Business Overview

Women who have trouble fitting into garments at traditional clothing stores still have the same desires as women who do fit into those clothes. They want to feel beautiful, sexy, and comfortable in the clothes they wear. A plus size clothing business caters to these women by selling fashionable clothes in their sizes. While most plus size clothing stores cater to the needs of plus size women, some men’s plus size clothing stores, more commonly referred to as “big & tall” stores, are popular among larger men. However, this article will focus on plus size clothing stores for women’s clothing.

Who is this business right for?

While anyone may open a plus size clothing store, women who have personally had trouble finding properly sized clothing stores are especially well-suited for opening this type of business. They’ve experienced the troubles that their target market struggles with, so they’ll know how to best provide clothing solutions for their customers.

It also helps to be a people person. Some customers may be embarrassed by their size. Being able to make people feel comfortable with themselves will help customers open up about what clothes they’d like and enhance their shopping experiences.

What happens during a typical day at a plus size clothing store?

A typical day at a plus size clothing store involves serving customers and taking care of inventory. Business owners and employees spend a lot of time:

  • Helping customers find clothes they like
  • Ringing up customers once they’ve selected clothes
  • Refolding clothes customers have taken off shelves or racks
  • Stocking new inventory that comes in
  • Changing displays that showcase the store’s clothes

What is the target market?

Plus size clothing stores cater to women who don’t fit into the clothes offered at most clothing stores. As was mentioned before, stores that cater to men who don’t fit into the clothes offered at most clothing stores are usually referred to as “big and tall” stores rather than plus size stores.

How does a plus size clothing store make money?

Most of the clothes a plus size clothing store carries are sold individually, but it’s possible to also combine several articles into an outfit that’s sold together. When an outfit is sold, it’s typically sold at a lower price than what the pieces would cost if individually purchased. Perfectly Priscilla does this with the store’s PPB Styleboxes.

What is the growth potential for a plus size clothing store?

A plus size clothing store may be a small business with a single location, or it might grow to be a national chain. Lane Bryant and Catherine’s are two of the largest plus size clothing businesses.