Business Overview

A pool installation business builds pools for residential homes, commercial properties and living communities. Some also conduct pool repairs, check-ups and removals. Today’s pool installation businesses use a wealth of tools, skills and methods to install, repair and even remove pools. Primarily serving households, pool installation businesses also build pools for larger communities. They’re capable of creating custom pools while adhering to community and city guidelines to ensure the safety of those using the pool.

Who is this business right for?

A pool installation business is ideal for any worker who enjoys working with their hands, conducting services outdoors or who loves swimming pools. Any hands-on contractor who’s had work as a pool technician may wish to take matters into their own hands, making money while installing high-demand luxury items in homes and communities alike.

What happens during a typical day at a pool installation business?

A pool installation business doesn’t only install pools. Often, it creates the materials needed for such installation. A pool installation business judges a pool’s chemistry, setting its plaster, installing its equipment and ensuring its durability throughout many months. Because a pool isn’t simply a basin, a pool installation business must install and know how to repair and remove pumps, filters, draining systems, pool lights and pool equipment.

From an administrative standpoint, a pool installation business must market its products and services, finance itself, obtain licenses, obtain permits and adhere to industry regulations. They must also contact wholesalers to source any equipment being installed.

What is the target market?

While a pool installation business can serve multiple communities and businesses, it’s better off prioritizing residential clients. Many homeowners undergo renovations, installing pools as a result. Over time, backyard pools can be damaged due to misuse or improper care. Commercial properties, meanwhile, have consistent maintenance conducted—either by in-house workers or an external contractor. Preferred clients are easy-to-deal-with homeowners, ones who will favor noninvasive services.

How does a pool installation business make money?

While a pool installation business can make money by managing pools, repairing pools, checking up on pools or even removing pools, they primarily gain revenue via pool installation. The installation process is lengthy, and providers must take great care in reducing wholesale costs, labor expenses and timeframes to maximize each installation’s payoff.

What is the growth potential for a pool installation business?

A pool installation business has quite a lot of growth potential. In fact, the job’s annual growth between 2012 and 2017 has been about 3.9 percent. Pool installation is a $9 billion industry, and it’s only growing. As a small-time provider, you may find it difficult to break into larger markets. That said, the swimming pool construction industry carries a low capital intensity level. It’s a specialty service, relying heavily on employee knowledge and skill.