Business Overview

On hot days, many people enjoy popsicles. They’re cold, delicious and sweet treats. Popsicle businesses specialize in making popsicles. Businesses sell their popsicles to customers out of a storefront, truck or cart.

Who is this business right for?

Anyone who likes popsicles and is creative in the kitchen might enjoy running a popsicle business. Making popsicles isn’t hard, but coming up with flavors requires some ingenuity.

This is a business that can be started part-time while working another job. Business owners can sell popsicles on the weekends or at events in the evenings. Beau Shell even began a business selling popsicles while still going to school.

What happens during a typical day at a popsicle business?

A popsicle business owner spends a lot of their time making and selling popsicles. When not making or selling popsicles, business owners take care of other tasks. They clean their facility, order more supplies, pay bills, and market their business.

Finally, business owners also must research new popsicle flavors. Researching new flavors involves experimentation. Often, the process is trial-and-error.

What is the target market?

A popsicle business’ ideal customer is someone who enjoys cold treats and has discretionary income. Such a customer will may want a popsicle, and they’ll have enough money to pay for a gourmet one.  

How does a popsicle business make money?

A popsicle business makes money by selling popsicles. Most are sold at retail prices to customers. Some businesses also have wholesale customers, such as local grocery stores. For example, The Hyppo has over 40 stores that sell its popsicles.

What is the growth potential for a popsicle business?

Successful popsicle businesses frequently start small. They may then grow into regional or national businesses. The Hyppo began with a single location in St. Augustine. Along with its retail partners, the company now has seven of its own locations. King of Pops began with a used ice cream push cart. Now, the company has locations throughout the Southeast and East Coast.

Finally, Popbar is an example of a national popsicle business. Popbar has locations in cities throughout the United States.