Business Overview

A portrait photography business provides high-quality, professional photos of individuals and families. Many businesses offer specialized services for things such as school photos, holiday cards, and family portraits. Because of the ability to offer these useful services year-round, portrait photography businesses play a vital role in the communities that they are located in.

Who is this business right for?

Obviously, this business is perfect for photographers. By extension, it is also great for those who have some formal training in photography or have any formal education in photography. Finally, because the job involves interacting with many different demographics, the job is ideal for a “people person.”

What happens during a typical day at a portrait photography business?

Much of the actual job involves scheduling appointments, meeting with customers, and shooting them in a variety of poses. Part of meeting with customers involves some salesmanship, as you may decide to offer them bigger photo packages. You will also spend time editing, developing, and printing photos, and your downtime is likely to be spent advertising your business.

What is the target market?

While you will have a diverse array of clients (and may market yourself towards a very specific niche), the typical portrait photography business market is comprised of young families. They are likeliest to want new photos every year for a variety of occasions, including holidays and birthdays.

How does a portrait photography business make money?

Typically, a portrait photography business offers fixed prices for different photo packages. You may also consider charging extra for special services, such as converting photos into holiday cards. Depending on your business model, you may also consider charging money for travel or even charging a flat hourly fee on top of the specialized package fees.

What is the growth potential for a portrait photography business?

The growth potential for this business is modest, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics noting that the field grows by only three percent every year. However, it is very possible to establish your business in a community that has little or no competition, increasing your odds of being successful. Additionally, you can offer services tailored to this particular community, which is a vital key to repeat business.