Business Overview

Although they may be British in origin, pubs are now well established in American culture. They typically feature a family-friendly atmosphere, American-style food, televisions airing sports games and a full bar. All of this appeals to many people, which is why pubs have become so popular in the U.S.

For the entrepreneur, the widespread popularity of pubs creates a promising business opportunity.

Who is this business right for?

Anyone who enjoys food, beverages, and other people may be well-suited for owning a pub business. A passion for food and beverages will help when creating and preparing menu offerings. Being a people-person is important because pubs are in the business of serving patrons.

What happens during a typical day at a pub?

Every day at a pub is busy. The work that needs to be done includes:

  • prepping ingredients that will be used that day
  • making menu items as they’re ordered
  • serving customers the foods and beverages they order
  • cleaning up after customers leave
  • reordering and restocking supplies that are used

Whenever an event is being held at a pub, there is also set-up and take-down for the event.

What is the target market?

A pub business might attract business professionals, graduate students, families, couples, and single adults. Exactly who comes to a particular pub will depend on the pub’s location, so it’s important to consider the surrounding demographic when forecasting sales. Ideally, a pub will attract patrons from at least a few of these groups, and they’ll come at different times of the day or night.

How does a pub make money?

A pub business makes money by selling food items and beverages to customers. Most pubs offer appetizers, entrees, sides, desserts, alcoholic drinks, and non-alcoholic drinks that customers can purchase.

What is the growth potential for a pub?

A pub business may have just one location, or it can grow into a regional or national business that has multiple locations. Fraser’s Pub and Casey’s Tavern are two examples of pubs that have a single location. HopCat and Keegan’s Public House are two pubs that have multiple locations.