Business Overview

A purse store specializes in retail sales of purses and handbags. A specialty shop may sell high-end designer purses, recognizable name brands, specialty or custom bags, or even vintage or antique purses and handbags. Customers shopping at these stores are often searching for unique, one-of-a-kind items.

Who is this business right for?

For those with an eye for style, experience in retail purse and handbag sales, or potential purse designers and manufacturers, a purse business can be an excellent fit. It is helpful to be aware of current fashion trends and passionate about handbags and purses, particularly as functional fashion accessories.

What happens during a typical day at a purse store?

As this is a retail business, interaction with customers will be a top priority. Changing displays and restocking items will also factor into day-to-day activities. Additionally, contacting vendors and ordering more merchandise will be a regular occurrence. If your shop specializes in antique/vintage purse sales or consignment, assessing the value and condition of these items will be necessary.

In addition, you will:

  • Clean and organize the store nightly
  • Oversee and implement new marketing/advertising
  • Compare pricing and merchandise of competitors
  • Online blogging and social media updates
  • Interact with customers, both in-store and online

What is the target market?

Specialty purse shops will primarily focus on customers with substantial incomes, who wish to remain fashion conscious. You will also attract customers who are looking to invest in quality or hard to find items.

How does a purse store make money?

A purse store makes money from the sales of purses, handbags, or other related items, such as wallets, tote bags, briefcases, or luggage.

What is the growth potential for a purse store?

Specialty shops, such as purse stores, can be very lucrative businesses, if location and clientele are researched properly. Understanding the buying potential of your customers is key to success. Purses and handbags tend to be items which aren’t as quick to need replacement as shoes or clothing. Therefore, the store must attract return customers as well as casual retail shoppers. A location which will experience a larger amount of foot traffic will most likely help your store see more frequent sales and a need for expansion.