Business Overview

Reiki patients across the globe have achieved relief from medical conditions ranging from the common cold to cancer and leukemia. The practitioner transfers healing energy to the client by placing their hands near the prescribed position for several moments. While several sessions may be required, the patient walks away feeling relaxed, radiant, and more balanced.

Who is this business right for?

While everyone has the ability to learn the techniques, the practice of Reiki requires an open, balanced mind and a passion for healing. Those who are disciplined enough to handle the day-to-day activities of running a business, while always striving for growth in their practice, would be best suited for this career.

What happens during a typical day at a reiki business?

Your business’ success is dependent upon the balance of energy within yourself and how you’re able to transfer that energy to others. Therefore, when not seeing patients, most practitioners spend time working on themselves through:   

  • Meditation
  • Focus on alignment and spiritual intention
  • Daily affirmation and prayer
  • Demonstrations at public gatherings to share Reiki with others

Additionally, you’ll want to spend a substantial portion of each day working to cultivate your business.  There will be administrative duties to attend to and a marketing strategy to manage. Once you’ve achieved some of your outlined growth goals, it might be cost-effective to delegate these responsibilities to a trusted staff member, offering you more time to focus on your true passion—healing others.

What is the target market?

You’ll find that your customer base is a very diverse group of individuals. They all, however, have one thing in common—they’re seeking your assistance in healing their ailments. They believe, on some level, in the power of energy and are hopeful that this is a healthier alternative to Western medicine.

How does a reiki business make money?

Your organization will generate revenue through each patient treated. Sessions typically last from 45-90 minutes and are priced accordingly. Your business will collect all patient fees, passing on a portion of each payment to the practitioner who treated said patient.

What is the growth potential for a reiki business?

Your company’s growth potential is directly tied to saturation of the market, the needs of the area you serve, and the number of practitioners you’re able to hire. Innovative entrepreneurs in this field strengthen their business by offering a well-rounded practice that combines multiple types of therapy to meet all their client’s needs.