Business Overview

A relationship coach offers helpful, actionable tips about how to strengthen relationships with romantic partners. A relationship coach may work with husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, or single people. It's unequivocally different from couple's therapy in that it focuses more on the behavior patterns of the relationship and not as much the thought patterns. It doesn't require couples to delve into their past, or to open up about their innermost desires and fears. It is not designed to address serious underlying issues like mental illness or domestic violence. It’s a method of helping couples or individuals find the motivation they need to tweak their habits, so they can survive and thrive. It helps single people identify what they need in a relationship, and separate those needs from what they want. Coaches help communities by resolving conflict, promoting domestic harmony, and establishing healthier coping skills.

Who is this business right for?

This business is good for those with excellent listening skills, and for those who enjoy the idea of coaching other people through their problems. Entrepreneurs who start this business should want to promote a better understanding of why people do what they do, and how to better respond in stressful situations.

What happens during a typical day at a relationship coaching business?

A typical day may consist of the following in a relationship coaching business:

  • Counseling clients
  • Completing intake paperwork
  • Advertising online/physical print
  • Learning new coaching techniques

What is the target market?

The target market can be literally anyone who wants to have a healthy romantic relationship. Single people benefit by identifying what they need, and what the roadblocks are to getting what they need. Couples can identify how better to cope with common strife that everyone encounters on a daily basis.

Or you may wish to only focus on a particular type of person when it comes to your coaching business, depending on your preferences. For example, divorced women over the age of 40, or professional couples who work very demanding schedules. This type of specific branding can help your target demographic if you're advertising yourself online because relationship coaching is a broad term that may unearth a number of irrelevant services. 

How does a relationship coaching business make money?

Coaches make money by charging for their time, either by half hour, per hour, or per monthly package. In general, coaches are known for doing monthly packages because they're trying to get their clients to commit to a better lifestyle.

What is the growth potential for a relationship coaching business?

Growth potential is high when it comes to this service, due to the inherent human need for better relationships. The divorce rate for marriages is around 50%, and it's clear that many of those relationships can be saved with professional insight and a better approach to solving problems. Small slights and misunderstandings add up over the years, and can contribute to serious mental blocks when it comes to relating to the people we love. The growth potential stems from gaining the perspective necessary to let hurt feelings go and face tomorrow with realistic expectations.