Business Overview

Many roof cleaning businesses serve a variety of clients. Serving large companies, small communities and individual homes, roof cleaning businesses conduct in-depth roof cleans to remove dirt, impurities, leaves, branches, stains and other materials. Roof cleaning businesses also clean drains, exterior walls and chimney exteriors. In some cases, a roof cleaning business may inform the building’s owner of damages, shingle weaknesses and weakened exteriors.

Who is this business right for?

The roof cleaning business is great for any previous roofing contractor, cleaner or household maintenance worker. It has a high profit potential, and it’s great for eco-lovers, explorative types, and hard workers alike. Workers can be their own boss, control their own schedule, eliminate costly trial-and-error methods, and experience a rapid startup.

What happens during a typical day at a roof cleaning business?

A roof cleaning business removes rooftop impurities. Normally, this includes using a pressure cleaner to remove algae. Roof cleaners can also use light bleach solutions to delicately lift difficult stains. Because typical roof cleanings last about three years, a roof cleaning business may not return to the same area for quite some time. Roof cleaning businesses also seal roofs with algae inhibitors, preventative solutions and shingle protectant. Often, this extends to using zinc strips to inhibit mold growth.

From an administrative end, a roof cleaning business administrator must constantly upgrade their services to ensure higher profits. They additionally need to conduct financial analysis, study markets, pay workers, restock cleaning materials and strike deals with clients.

What is the target market?

The best clients are residential homeowners. A lot of homeowners contact roof cleaners who cleaned the roofs of their neighbors. If one household gets a roof cleaning, you can expect nearby homes to purchase services too. There’s a high degree of “competing with the Jones’,” so to speak, giving roof cleaning busines,ses quite a lot of service in a single area. Often, this snowball effect can be prioritized during services. Aside from residential homeowners, apartment complexes are lucrative clients. Because multiple buildings need to be cleaned, they’re often great profit sources. These locations are also great networking opportunities, giving a roof cleaning business plenty of future clients to work with.

How does a roof cleaning business make money?

A roof cleaning business makes money by cleaning roofs. Cleaning, itself, can be an in-depth process. Normally, a location needs to be bleached, stripped of algae, and cleared of tree debris. In some cases, money can be gained by removing moss and lichen. The better a roof cleaning business can reduce algae-stained surfaces, the better.

What is the growth potential for a roof cleaning business?

A roof cleaning business can grow quite a bit. That said, local cleaning businesses will likely have to compete against other providers. A cleaning business’s growth potential can be attributed to its credibility, benefits, qualified leads and special deals. Additionally, you’ll need to have a solid insurance plan. Communities don’t hire companies who aren’t properly insured, and they’ll avoid any company without a solid track record.