Business Overview

A RV rental business provides affordable options for people looking to rent various styles of RVs. Rentals are an appealing option for those customers who enjoy exploring the country in an RV, but don’t want the commitment of owning the recreational vehicle.

Who is this business right for?

Those individuals with experience in retail sales, have customer service experience, and/or sufficient mechanical knowledge will gravitate to a business opportunity, such as this. You must also be comfortable talking to potential customers and should have some knowledge of of the state and national park rules and regulations for RV camping.

What happens during a typical day at an rv rental business?

A RV rental business thrives on customer interest and a quality RV product, ready to be rented and sent out on the open road. Therefore, day to day activities will focus on the acquisition of new customers as well as the retention of past customers, balanced with the care and maintenance of your RV fleet.

What is the target market?

Individuals, couples, and families, who enjoy camping and outdoors activities, but want more of a home away from home than a tent, will be your primary target market.

How does an rv rental business make money?

A RV rental business makes its money from the rental fees collected from customers. The fees will fluctuate, depending on the type of RV and the length of time the RV will be rented.

What is the growth potential for an rv rental business?

More and more individuals, couples, and families are choosing RV rentals as an exciting method for exploring the country. Customers can maintain a temporary home and level of comfort, similarly offered for extended stay hotel suites. The difference being, a RV gives the customers the freedom to visit multiple locations, without having to re-pack a suitcase before each departure. This flexibility gives RV rentals a decided advantage for customers looking to visit more than one destination. Consequently, the RV rental business is becoming more and more popular, with new and return customers looking for exciting adventures on the open road.