Business Overview

A sauna installation company sells saunas to homeowners, hotel resorts, and fitness gyms and they provide services for every aspect of delivery and installation of the unit. Saunas are used by individuals who wish to enjoy a Finnish Sauna Bath experience, where they enjoy a heated room filled with steam generated by pouring water over rocks. Saunas include the heated sauna, a prep area, and are often connected to a shower room or pool. Installation services require electrical work, basic construction, sound system, lighting, and possibly plumbing. Referrals from customers will help your business grow, so it is essential to provide a positive customer service experience.

Who is this business right for?

If you are passionate about the health benefits found after using a sauna, are a natural salesman, manager, and have some background in the construction industry, you may enjoy running a sauna installation business.

What happens during a typical day at a sauna installation business?

Though your level of involvement will differ based on the size of your team, the duties of a typical sauna installation business owner generally include:

  • Providing sales information, installation costs, and time estimates to customers interested in your product
  • Scheduling installation jobs and coordinating delivery of units and crews
  • Working on installations yourself using construction, electrical and plumbing knowledge
  • Working with customers on their sauna design, location and required size
  • Receiving payments from customers and issue checks to suppliers
  • Handling payroll responsibilities
  • Hiring and training additional installation technicians
  • Running a vendor booth at a trade show answering questions and generating sales leads
  • Creating sales opportunities through networking within your community
  • Maintaining proper licensing and liability insurance for a business that works in private homes and commercial locations.

What is the target market?

Your preferred clients will mostly consist of wealthy homeowners and corporations. These homeowners will generally live in wealthy suburbs or urban areas, and they will have extra money to invest on upgrades to their homes. Corporate clients that operate multiple spas or exercise gyms such as office towers, hotels, and resorts will also look for you to install saunas into their spa and pool areas. Corporate clients with multiple locations can provide a more constant stream of business for your company.

How does a sauna installation business make money?

Your business will make money by charging your clients for the sauna and for the installation service that your provide.  Profit is made on the hourly rate charged for labor for the installation job. Minimal income is generated on sale of the sauna unit and a variety of accessories. New installations or upgrading existing units are the major source of income, as minimal maintenance is required for a sauna.

What is the growth potential for a sauna installation business?

Your location will dictate the number of saunas you are able to sell and install. If you are located near a resort area, like near Florida beaches or near tourist attractions in Nevada, you will be able to grow your business much faster than if you work in a rural area. Before starting your business, it is imperative that you make sure there is enough of a market in your business’ area for you to make a profit.