Business Overview

A scooter rental business offers customers a fun and affordable option for short-term transportation. For most, scooters can be rented by hourly, half day, and whole day rates.

Who is this business right for?

If you have experience in retail sales or product rentals, knowledge of small engines, a strong work ethic, and a business mind, a scooter rental business could be your ticket to financial independence. Especially if you have a background in scooters and motorcycles, either as a rider or enthusiast, or from working in a motorbike retail business, your expertise could set you apart from the competition.

What happens during a typical day at a scooter rental business?

A typical day in a scooter rental business focuses on customer rentals and maintaining your fleet of scooters and motorbikes. Greeting potential customers and conveying safety information and insurance practices has to be a regular aspect of your business in order to build a good public reputation. Ensuring your bikes and scooters are in good running order and are properly equipped for safety is also critical for success and goes hand in hand with your customer rentals. You will also find yourself working on:

  • Advertising and marketing for the rental company.
  • Re-stocking your retail items, such as company logo t-shirts, hats, and other pieces of apparel, and tourist-based supplies.
  • Creating service tickets for all repairs not handled in-house.
  • Buying or updating safety equipment, such as helmets and gloves and purchasing more scooters and motorbikes.
  • Researching industry trends and new products.

What is the target market?

The target market is tourists and those on vacation, even if they live in the town they’re “vacationing” to. Specifically, younger riders, who want to explore your area or experienced riders who are away on vacation, yet still want to feel the wind in their hair, will be your demographic.

How does a scooter rental business make money?

The majority of the revenue will be generated from the customer rentals of the scooters. Some additional sales may be generated from impulse or customer loyalty buys. It is always advisable to have impulse items or novelty buys near your counter, as you will most likely encounter a tourist-oriented customer base for your rental company.

What is the growth potential for a scooter rental business?

Rental companies, especially ones located in tourist-based economies, have seen an increase in their business more recently. If you find yourself in a tourist destination that is growing in popularity, there’s a good possibility you will see your business grow, as well. Historically, tourist rentals do well, as the customers have budgeted for entertainment before going on vacation or for having some fun during time off.