Business Overview

This businesses is needed where there is no local municipal sewer system. Customers install and perform basic maintenance on their own private septic and waste system. Then, the company is called in to pump out the waste and dispose of it properly. The service can also include an actual cleansing of the tank as well.

Who is this business right for?

This business is perfect for individuals who enjoy daily travel, don’t mind getting dirty, and are willing to work flexible hours. Business owners who start a septic tank cleaning service must also like being around and interacting with other people on job sites and customers as well. Cleaning septic tanks can be hard, dirty, and grueling work, so keep this in mind.

What happens during a typical day at a septic tank cleaning service?

The day-to-day activities of a septic tank cleaning business include meeting with clients, checking septic tanks, and pumping them. The pumping is normally done with a large truck and a hose, which is lowered into the septic system in the front or back yard. The hose then pumps the tank and hauls away the waste material. 

A septic tank cleaning company may service multiple customers during the day, maintaining an active rotating customer list. Other day-to-day tasks include doing paperwork, invoicing clients, and maintaining a log of current and past-due customers.

What is the target market?

Preferred customer types are those that live in areas not serviced by municipal water or sewer supply. Customers who are on their own well and sewer system need routine maintenance. While businesses do sometimes own property with a septic tank, most customers will be consumers living in single-family residential homes.

How does a septic tank cleaning service make money?

This business makes money by charging customers to clean and maintain their septic tanks and systems. Most tanks need to be cleaned every 1-3 years, depending on the size of the tank and the number of people using it. So, companies may provide interim complimentary advice-based services on how to clean and maintain the tank and system between pumpings.

What is the growth potential for a septic tank cleaning service?

Growth of this business can be slow or fast, depending on demand for services in your area. Competition may be limited in some areas, in which case growth may be exponential. Local laws and regulations may limit or control how septic tank companies operate. This may or may not allow you to expand into new markets and grow your business. Make sure you check local laws and regulations before making business expansion plans.