Business Overview

A skateboarding lessons business focuses on providing lessons (typically lasting from half an hour to one hour) that help customers improve their skateboarding skills. Such lessons are typically taught at public skate parks, which also helps this business easily establish itself as a community presence.

Who is this business right for?

Obviously, the business is good for those who are already very good at skateboarding. It is also good for current or former teachers or others who are good at working with children and young adults, as these will be your primary customers.

What happens during a typical day at a skateboarding lessons business?

For actual lessons, you will meet customers at the chosen venue (typically a public park) for lessons lasting thirty minutes to one hour. When you are not actively conducting lessons, you will spend most of your time networking, advertising your business, and keeping in touch with your customers.

What is the target market?

As mentioned earlier, your primary demographic will be children and young adults. While not limited to this group, many of your students will be males aged 13-18.

How does a skateboarding lessons business make money?

Most skateboard lessons charge a fixed fee for lessons lasting thirty minutes and a higher fee for lessons lasting an hour.

What is the growth potential for a skateboarding lessons business?

The exact growth potential of this business is difficult to gauge because there is little in the way of research about the industry. However, nationwide entities such as GoSkate have been thriving, and the fact that your primary customers will be children means that almost any community has a steady stream of prospective customers.