Business Overview

A small engine repair business will fix internal combustion engines for a variety of machines. Owners may work with private parties (e.g., neighbors with a broken lawn mower) and/or commercial parties (e.g., a construction company that needs their concrete mixer repaired.)

Who is this business right for?

This business is excellent for someone who enjoys working with their hands and working with a variety of tools. They must be excellent at taking apart machinery to understand how it works and flexible enough to handle new technology they may not have seen before. Owners should enjoy solving problems and experimenting with new ways to repair stubborn or severe breaks.

What happens during a typical day at a small engine repair business?

Most of the day will be spent working on the actual engines, though owners will need to devote time to marketing their services and working with clients as well. They may need to practice simple project management to ensure that all repairs can be completed on time for their customers.

What is the target market?

The target market can be anyone in the area with a small engine. From Go-Karts to wood chippers to chainsaws, there are plenty of machines that can fall under this category. Potential clients can include those from industrial, commercial, or personal applications.

How does a small engine repair business make money?

Owners make money by charging for their time and skill level. They’ll need to base their prices on the actual tools they use to repair the engines, plus the demand and the original cost of the item. For example, few people will pay $80 to repair their old lawn mower if a brand-new mower costs $100.

What is the growth potential for a small engine repair business?

There are plenty of small engines in any given neighborhood, which should give owners a fairly steady stream of work. This is a local skill that would be difficult to outsource, so the growth potential can be substantial. The biggest hurdle is generally dealing with direct competitors located near you.