Business Overview

Sports bars offer patrons options for watching their favorite sporting events, while enjoying cold drinks and hot food in a lively atmosphere.

Who is this business right for?

Successful sports bar owners must be quite knowledgeable about the restaurant and bar business. A background in either of these fields of work is highly recommended. Managerial experience and a detailed eye, regarding finances, are also positive attributes.

What happens during a typical day at a sports bar business?

Customers are the goal of any successful business, especially a restaurant. Day to day activities at a sports bar, then, focus on this aspect. Restocking the bar and kitchen are regular activities, along with maintenance of the bar, in general. Contacting distributors and ordering supplies ahead of time ensures you don’t run out of customer favorites. Cleaning and updating the establishment’s amenities, such as televisions and sound system(s), are also necessary to maintain customer patronage.

What is the target market?

Your customer base are sports fans who enjoy having some drinks while watching their teams compete. Most customers will also gravitate to a local bar for location and familiarity.

How does a sports bar business make money?

Sports bars make money off of the food and drinks sold to customers.

What is the growth potential for a sports bar business?

With the popularity and exposure of sports constantly expanding, bars which cater to sports fans can be quite popular, as well. This also means there can and will be added competition. Your sports bar can be very successful if you have a good location, offer top quality entertainment, food, and drinks. Research your area to see which sports are most popular, if you would have enough regular customers, and what food and drinks fare best with your potential customers. The initial leg work will best prepare you for establishing a successful sports bar. Your growth potential will hinge on these numbers.