Business Overview

Have your family pics of your kids playing soccer always garnered oohs and aahs from your friends? Maybe it's time to turn that past time into a business by launching a sports photography business. Snap team photos, fun action shots, and cover local Little League excitement. Sell print packages to loving parents, local newspapers, and schools.

Who is this business right for?

A sports photography business owner should find excitement in watching all types of sporting events. An owner should get a thrill from capturing awesome action shots that freeze important moments in sporting history. If you share these passions and would like to share your excitement with all those who see your photos, then starting a sports photography business is perfect for you.

What happens during a typical day at a sports photography business?

When you have a scheduled shoot, you will be:

  • Driving to the location with all your needed cameras, lights, and sales flyers
  • Setting up lights and equipment to create studio quality shots at the gym or field
  • Taking photos of entire teams, individuals, or action shots during a scheduled event, according to customer's wishes
  • Providing parents with pricing lists and order formsl
  • Touching-up images using digital imagery software
  • Submitting orders to be processed by your premium developing facility
  • Contacting schools and sports organizations to schedule your services for the next event
  • Handling business tasks, such as receiving payments, advertising your services, and maintaining your equipment

What is the target market?

Your services will be in demand by schools and community organizations. Parents and local leaders will have the most input into whether you are the right photographer for their children.

How does a sports photography business make money?

You are essentially selling a service, not a product. You should expect to charge a fee up front for the shoot and editing that will compensate you for your time. You will also receive a percentage of any pictures ordered for print or those burned to a DVD or drive.

What is the growth potential for a sports photography business?

While capturing the kids on the ball field will be a part time endeavor dependent on sport seasons, if you expand into other event photography it is possible to expand this into a full-time endeavor. You may decide to freelance some shots as well. In general, your success will depend on whether your local parents will recommend your services for other sports leagues or even school events.