Business Overview

Stress management training can increase a business’ profitability by giving employees the tools they need to manage difficult emotions or particularly taxing situations. Hiring a counselor who can impart the wisdom employees need to keep their cool and maintain their quality can be a huge boost to their bottom line and it can even increase employee loyalty.

Who is this business right for?

Those who have a deep understanding of human behavior will do well in this business. It’s recommended that you have some type of advanced degree in psychology before striking out. While you don’t need a graduate degree, you cannot practice as a licensed counselor without it.

What happens during a typical day at a stress management training business?

Owners may need to complete the following tasks on any given day.

  • Market to clients who need your services
  • Conduct training seminars to employees
  • Prepare contracts for clients
  • Hire employees to assist with conducting seminars
  • Prepare reports about employee stress levels
  • Prepare employee hand-outs or instructional booklets about stress management
  • Provide detailed recommendations to clients to ensure successes

What is the target market?

Small, tight-knit companies typically won’t need these services. Stress management training is normally reserved for large companies with a variety of departments who may or may not all get along.

How does a stress management training business make money?

Owners make money by charging a set fee for their services to clients. This fee should cover all materials and time spent to provide training.

What is the growth potential for a stress management training business?

Growth will be dependent upon the need for these services in any given area. However, companies that increase their client base may be able to expand to other parts of the state or even country. As a stress management training company grows, owners will need to hire a team while continuing to ensure quality in the seminars and lessons the company provides.