Business Overview

A supplement store sells dietary supplements, vitamins, protein powders and health foods to customers. Typically, these customers are either shopping to fulfill fitness needs, health needs, or dietary needs. A supplement store might operate alongside a grocery store, or even within one. Most, however, operate independently.

Who is this business right for?

Anyone who’s excited by sports, diet or health supplementation will do well in this business. Operating a supplement store requires a high degree of knowledge about the human body. For this reason, an undergraduate degree in exercise science, fitness, fitness health, or even biology is useful. A lot of supplement store operators work at fitness centers.

What happens during a typical day at a Supplement Store?

A supplement store is a retail space, so it typically handles customer purchases, stocks products, performs audits, and handles customer requests. Customers should be assisted, and products should be arranged by supplement section—for example, sports supplements, joint care supplements, dietary supplements, and so on. General maintenance includes mopping, sweeping and vacuuming. While a supplement store’s products are all contained within cans, jars and bags, a supplement store must still uphold the cleanliness standards other grocery stores are expected to meet.

What is the target market?

As a supplement provider, your target market will be sports enthusiasts, gym-goers, health gurus, health-conscious individuals, the elderly, those with disabilities, and those who utilize nutrition as a daily health tool. These consumers are typically found at sports complexes, outdoor recreational areas and health provision buildings.

How does a Supplement Store make money?

A supplement store makes money by selling sports nutrition products, dietary supplements, health products and health foods. Some supplement stores may sell fresh shakes and smoothies. To make additional money, a supplement store may connect with a local fitness complex. In doing so, they can secure additional premises sales while garnering additional revenue from a complex’s courses, sponsorships and memberships.  

What is the growth potential for a Supplement Store?

A supplement store has quite a lot of growth potential. In fact, large business entities like Vitamin Shoppe operate on a national scale. Many supplement stores open their own line of supplements. By supplying the most popular brand at a good price, a supplement store can achieve decent success as only a local entity.