Business Overview

A swimming school is a good business for any community, because most children would like to learn how to swim. While such a school can prosper in any community, it will obviously do better in communities that have prominent water parks, public pools, and/or beaches, where there is ample opportunity for kids to try out their new skills.

Who is this business right for?

First and foremost, this is for someone both passionate and knowledgeable about swimming, as you must be able to provide specific tips and techniques in order to help swimmers succeed. You must be good at working with children, as most of your customers will be younger. And you must be careful modulating group lessons and individual instruction in order to underscore the value of your private lessons.

What happens during a typical day at a swim school?

Most of the day to day activities of a swim school involves conducting the lessons themselves. The most successful swim schools will offer lessons to different age groups, so these will need separate times for instruction. You may also consider offering lessons for aspiring professional swimmers, such as those on swim teams in middle school, high school, and college. Beyond this, you will be reaching out to customers and their parents via email each week as well as designing and releasing advertisements for your business. You may also liaise with local sponsors and take time out of each day to process payments and make sure all customers are accounted for.

What is the target market?

Generally, the best clients tend to be “older,” as in teenagers on up. These groups tend to want to learn for their own reasons and are more motivated, whereas younger clients are typically there at the urging of their parents and may actually resent the lessons just as they may resent typical school lessons.

How does a swim school make money?

Of course, the most basic way that a swim school makes money is by charging clients for the lessons you provide. You may offer a variety of payment methods, such as charging per lesson, charging a monthly fee for regular lessons, and possibly charging a greater monthly fee for “unlimited” lessons. You should always charge a higher rate for private lessons as this takes away time when you could be making money via group instruction.

What is the growth potential for a swim school?

There is decent growth potential for a swim school because it is always possible to expand lessons to different groups of clients. For instance, while swim schools have traditionally catered to younger clients, one swim school business owner was able to quadruple her business when she began offering private swimming lessons for adults. For businesses able to work with a diverse age range of customers, the growth potential is very real.