Business Overview

Computers are a standard part of every household and are the primary tool used by a majority of today’s businesses. Most of us, however, have little to no knowledge when it comes to fixing these gadgets when an issue arises. Tech support companies provide support for consumers on an as-needed basis. Both small and large organizations hire tech support companies to provide ongoing maintenance as part of their preventative maintenance strategy, in addition to handling any current obstacles. Services include: installation and maintenance of equipment, software installation, system networking, system auditing, troubleshooting and repair, and training. With the right technical background and equipment, many issues can be solved remotely, eliminating travel time and reducing the overall time it takes to complete the repair.

Who is this business right for?

Are you the person your friends and family call whenever they have a computer or software problem? Do you enjoy working with computers? Have you received any official training or considered obtaining certification? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this business venture could be the perfect fit for you.

What happens during a typical day at a tech support business?

Your days will largely be spent troubleshooting and fixing your client’s computer and software issues. The specifics of what this entails vary, depending upon the services you offer. If your work is done on-site, part of each day will be spent traveling from site to site. Additionally, you will need to spend five to ten hours each week networking and marketing and taking care of any other administrative duties that require your attention. This is an ever-evolving industry, so it is also critical that you remain abreast of the latest trends and regularly add to your arsenal of certifications.

What is the target market?

New business owners are cautioned against defining their target market as “anyone that has a computer issue.” This is too broad. Define your ideal customer based on your skills and experience, as well as what is needed in your area. Since residential clients are often on a tighter budget, consider targeting small businesses. Many tech support business owners have found success focusing on remote PC support.

How does a tech support business make money?

Tech support companies generate revenue from the services they offer, including management of servers, computers, and networks. Clients are billed by the hour.

What is the growth potential for a tech support business?

Recent reports reveal that the computer services industry generates more than $47 billion annually. The employees you hire and your team’s education and background are, ultimately, what will define your organization’s long-term success.