Business Overview

A tool rental business offers construction and carpentry tools for both professionals and homeowners. Tool rentals often cover large or expensive tools which individuals will use infrequently or are too expensive to buy outright.

Who is this business right for?

Those with experience in construction, commercial, and residential contractor work or are familiar, as a retailer, with the various tools needed to complete jobs will find a niche in this market. Knowing the right tool and its application is also critical for success in this business venture. It is also extremely helpful to have knowledge or experience in running a small business. Small business financials and personnel management are critical to running a successful small business.

What happens during a typical day at a tool rental business?

Day to day activities for a tool rental business revolve around interactions with customers. You should be personable to the customers and knowledgeable about what tools you offer. Make sure you vet the potential customers as to what they want to accomplish with the tools they’re renting. This will help you and the customer build a strong relationship, and you can steer them towards the right tool for the job. It also insures your tools aren’t damaged or destroyed from misuse or usage in the wrong application, saving you and the customer both time and money.

Other day to day activities will include:

  • rentals and returns of tools
  • processing customer invoices
  • maintenance on rental tool stock
  • shop maintenance and re-stocking of office materials and tool accessories, such as nails, sandpaper discs, and floor polishes
  • Advertising, marketing, and social media interactions

What is the target market?

Your target market will primarily be contractors and commercial and residential workers. These working people rely on quality tools to get the job done and bring home a paycheck. This makes your business an integral part of that process for them. They often need you as much as you need them. Having what they need will keep them coming back.

The second tier of customers are your residential customers who are looking to complete a job around the house, but don’t have the equipment on hand to get it done, They will be less frequent, but still make up a decent portion of your overall customer base.

How does a tool rental business make money?

A tool rental business makes its money from the rental of tools by customers. Some tool rental businesses also offer supplies to go with the tools being rented, such as nails, screws, cement bags, and welding rods. These materials can add more to your bottom line and overall revenue stream.

What is the growth potential for a tool rental business?

Tool rental businesses are quite popular and, with the increase in building in the last few years, are a great opportunity for a successful business. When properly managed, tool rental businesses should flourish, and there is often room for expansion, once the initial business is established.