Business Overview

Tree service providers are incredibly important to homeowners. Responsible for the installation and removal of trees, these businesses take care of households and businesses alike. They additionally help property owners with weekly, monthly and annual maintenance, including trimming and pruning. In the event of an emergency, a tree service business will remove roots, remove stumps, move fallen tree branches and remove entire trees. They’re knowledgeable about local codes and regulations, helping property owners maintain operations legally.

Who is this business right for?

A tree care business is a great opportunity for any recent tree care company worker. If you’ve recognized the financial potential of growing your own business, and if you’re skilled in the technical aspects of tree care, you’ll thrive. A tree care business isn’t for everyone, however, as it requires a lot of financial planning, competitive analysis, equipment and effective marketing.

What happens during a typical day at a tree service?

As a tree care business owner, you’ll be responsible for securing relationships with lenders while registering with local, county and state agencies. You’ll also need to secure and maintain operating permits and licenses. As a decision maker, you’ll conduct competitive analysis and make long-range objectives. Your workers will need to be skilled, insured and understand your business’s equipment intimately. On the service end, day-to-day activities include tree installation and removal quoting, actual installation and removal, trimming, pruning and emergency services. During bad weather—or other emergencies—your business will need to be “on call,” to help local property owners.

What is the target market?

Tree service companies thrive when working for commercial clients. While you’ll mostly encounter residential clients, commercial land owners require constant tree upkeep to maintain land permit standards. They’re lucrative, professional and easy to work with. Because commercial property owners require consistent services, they’re easy to profile—making services quick, effective and thus incredibly cost effective.

How does a tree service make money?

As a tree care provider, your business will make most of its money by maintaining various properties. While installation, removal and emergency services offer decent lump-sum payoffs, monthly trimming and pruning are far more reliable. Tree rescue, root removal, pressure cutting and branch removal, too, are lucrative jobs. Because they’re in high demand—as not purchasing them can be disastrous—a tree service provider offering highly skilled services can make decent money.

What is the growth potential for a tree service?

A good tree service provider can become a cross-state staple. That said, a lot of tree service providers are local businesses. Property owners have surprisingly little knowledge about tree service providers, which keeps the market open from a small business standpoint. If a local provider offers competitive pricing, incredibly fast services and skilled labor, it will experience a lot of service. A local tree service business can grow large if its business plan capably serves multiple areas.